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Laser Tattoo Fading for Cover Up

Give your cover up tattooist a cleaner canvas

Using Laser Tattoo Removal to Make Your Cover Up Better

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We seem to be spending a lot of time talking about laser tattoo removal of late, as the demand for more information keeps piling up.
In one of those aforementioned recent pieces, we answered your question about whether you should consider laser removal or a cover up for your unsatisfactory ink. In that article, we introduced the concept of fading, a procedure which combines modern laser application together with traditional cover-up methodology. Today, we’re going to dive deeper into the details behind this highly effective means to replacing an unwanted tattoo.

Fading Defined

It’s as it sounds. In this scenario, a professional laser system is applied to the tattoo in the same manner as it would for a full removal, but fewer sessions will be required. This is because the tattoo only needs to be treated to the point that it is no longer as dark, prominent, and defined as it originally was, or in other words, faded.

When Fading is Preferred

Using laser for fading makes sense when the body of work that you want to cover up presents too much of a challenge for even the most experienced artist. Getting a successful traditional cover-up may be impossible when the original design is too large or incorporates deep dark tones that cannot be covered over without going “all black”. Given that you want to replace a tattoo that you despise, the last thing you want is to make concessions for the one that intends to replace it. With laser tattoo fading, you don’t have to.
Now in a perfect world scenario you would have the original tattoo completely removed with laser so that you have a completely clean slate to work with, but that takes time (well over a year for bigger, deeper toned pieces) and will cost significantly more. If you don’t have the budget and/or don’t want to wait much longer to get the tattoo you’ve always dreamed of, then fading once again comes to the rescue.

Why the Type of Laser Makes a BIG Difference

There’s one unequivocal statement to be made here – not all laser tattoo removal services are created equally. Not at all. There are many systems out there purporting to offer the best and latest technology, but only one boasts patented PressureWaveBooster technology – Lutronic PicoPlus.
Lutronic PicoPlus’s PressureWaveBooster pulses are so rapid that they initiate a change in pressure that breaks tattoo ink apart into microscopic particles, leaving your lymphatic system to absorb and eliminate the ink particles naturally. You read that right, this cutting edge system may get the ball rolling, but it lets your body organically manage the final expulsion. Doesn’t that sound a lot healthier than any other more invasive alternative? Lutronic PicoPlus is also more effective in removing stubborn colors and requires shorter sessions which is not only more convenient, it helps mitigate pain. View more on the five benefits of finding a clinic that uses the Lutronic PicoPlus system.

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